Apparently director Christopher Nolan was very impressed (and who wouldn’t be) with his two leading men in Batman Begins. Nolan’s current project is ThePrestige, a film which focuses on a rivalry between magicians in twentieth century London. Already cast for the film are actors Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, two names that carry a lot of weight in the geek film community.  Nolan has now added actor Michael Caine to his illustrious cast, creating a small Batman reunion (Caine played Alfred to Bale’s Batman). Caine will play the part of an older, former magician who shows Jackman’s character the ropes.

Hoo boy, am I excited for this film, entirely based on the people involved. Nolan impressed me with the vision that he brought to the Batman universe, and all three of the actors mentioned above are favorites of mine. I’ve been a huge Christian Bale fan since Swing Kids and later Equilibrium (even if it was a rehashed plot, he turned in a tremendous performance), and I’m glad to see him getting the recognition he deserves after his excellent portrayal of the Dark Knight. Jackman is an excellent fit for an edgy fantasy character (Wolverine, Van Helsing), and nobody pulls off the wise and wry veteran better than Michael Caine. I don’t know that I could pick a better trio for these parts if I tried. If you think you could, click on the comments and let me know.

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