Chicken LittleWith each day that passes, it seems as if the importance of Chicken Little to Disney rises; at this point the pressure is such that one expects the studio to get swallowed up by the earth if the movie isn't a massive success. As has been discussed here, it's Disney's first foray into totally computer-generated animation - not only does the company need to prove to Pixar (with whom they are once again in negotiations) that they can compete in the animation field, but they also need to bounce back from the animated disasters that were Home on the Range and Treasure Planet. (The fact that 95% of the population reads those titles and says "Wait, what?" is a sign of just how magnificently they failed.)

In an early effort to expand Chicken Little's potential audience (Disney felt that part of the problem with Home on the Range and Treasure Planet was their limited appeal - and no, they don't mean because they were bad), the script was revised to change the main character from "an overreacting, doom-and-gloomy girl chicken repairing her relationship with her dad" to a manic little boy who is dealing with both his dad and an alien invasion. Disney apparently feared that only little girls would see a movie based on that early draft, while boys, girls, dads, and aliens will, hopefully, be desperate to see the film's final version. In addition, Chicken Little has become something of a test for a new, more sophisticated 3D technique. While big profits for the 3D version will surely lead other companies to rush their own 3D cartoons into production, failure won't save us entirely from those damn glasses, as several other 3D films are already in the works.

All of this is just a lot of details that mean one thing: Disney and all of the rest of Hollywood will be desperately awaiting next weekend's early box office reports.