Freddy vs. JasonWhile some of us ponder over which films do or do not belong amongst horror's elite, one company from Los Angeles has decided to lend a helping hand by actually counting the number of violent acts found in 100 recent slasher and monster pics. Separating their monster search into 13 different categories, Media Data Company has found a total of 1,374 violent incidents. Wait, it totally gets so much better - check out these categories: Bite Injury, Charred Skin, Decapitation, Decomposition, Disfigurement, Electrocution, Transmogrification, Impalement, Protruding Object, Severed Limb, Skeletal Remains, Twisting Body Part and Entrails. For some reason concept, plot and acting ability were left off the list. Go figure. And the award for the most amount of violence in a recent film goes to -- drum roll -- Freddy vs. Jason! Throughout its 97 minute running time, this modern classic rung up 86 impalings, 20 severed limbs and 14 electrocutions for a total of 167 violent acts. Finishing a somewhat distant second was Jaws, with its 49 bite injuries and 27 impalings amongst 105 violent images. Rounding out the top three was Jeepers Creepers 2 at a disappointing 100. Care to provide your own suggestions as to which films should be on this list? Or are you, like me, too busy wondering whether or not there are any job openings at Media Data Company?
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