Kelly DudaFactor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal tells the deeply disturbing story of how the state of Arkansas (under governor Bill Clinton) knowingly allowed prison inmates with AIDS and hepatitis to donate blood that was eventually used to "manufacture clotting agents for hemophiliacs." According to the film, which is the product of almost a decade of research by director Kelly Duda, Arkansas prison officials were so focused on the profit the system gained from the production of Factor 8 (the name of the clotting agent) that they went so far as to doctor the medical records of inmates to make it look as if they were disease free. AFI Fest press materials suggest that Duda's story is so powerful that Factor 8 will soon "take its place in history as one of the most tragic pharmaceutical drug stories since Thalidomide."

The film has its world premiere at the AFI Fest, where it is part of the International Documentaries competition. Screenings are November 8 and 10.