Gerard DepardieuGérard Depardieu, who once memorably toldAndie MacDowell that "the elephants are restless again," recently let slip to a French newspaper that he's "in the process" of quitting acting. While "in the process" ostensibly means that he won't be stomping off the set of the movie he's currently shooting and will fulfill his contract on the Astérix series, it also could end up meaning "I'll keep making movies for the next decade."

While the idea of an actor retiring before he wears out his welcome, with over 150 films under his belt is quite appealing, Depardieu probably either reached that point about 50 movies ago or isn't ever going to get there. Also, while this is neither here nor there, he for some reason felt the need to mention in the course of the interview that he wasn't intoxicated. Does that mean he drunkenly announces his retirement on a regular basis?
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