Growing up in Los Angeles, we used to go to Disneyland at least a few times a year, and, as such, its assorted attractions often ceased to thrill at a certain point. But the Haunted Mansion was one of the few things that, even twenty years later, still seems worth a drive to Orange County. Anything you ever wanted to know about the hologram-heavy extravaganza can be found at Haunted Mansion Secrets. Sure, it's cool to learn that Jean Cocteau was one of the Imagineers' influences, or that the ballroom ghosts are, in fact, not holograms, but animatronics. But I think the coolest thing about this site is the Walt Disney quote that starts it off. "We’re going to have ghosts from all over the world," old Walt said in 1965. "And we're making it very attractive for them, hoping they're going to want to come and stay at Disneyland, so we guarantee them creaking doors and creaking floors." He's not saying, "We're hiring the best engineers to make the world's most convincing haunted house" – he's saying, "We're gonna get us some ghosts." What mogul today would give out a quote like that, refusing to break the illusion?

[via Boing Boing]
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