Separate Lies

James Manning (Tom Wilkinson) has the perfect life - or so he thinks. He is a well-known and highly respected solicitor. His lovely wife Anne (Emily Watson) loves him so much, she drives to the train station to pick him up every day, and in addition to a tony flat in London, the couple have a splendid estate in the English countryside. All is well in James' life, until the night he has to work late in London while Anne throws a little dinner party at their country house. On that same night, their housekeeper's husband is mowed down by a hit-and-run driver on the lane leading to their house.

Among the guests present at the dinner party that fateful evening is Bill Bule (Rupert Everett, who really turns on the smarm factor in this turn), the son of their neighbor, Lord Rawston (John Neville). Bill is one of those lazy, insolent, super-rich guys you just love to hate. He doesn't do anything of any substance, besides play the occasional game of cricket. He barely remembers his sons' names or how old they are, and pretty much coasts through life in his shiny black Range Rover with a sneer on his pedigreed lips. When Bill and Anne pick James up at the train station late that night (Anne's excuse for being with Bill is that she couldn't find her keys - hmmm), James notices an unsightly scratch on the side of Bill's otherwise immaculately maintained Range Rover.