newkids.jpgSaw II suckered a huge number of ticket buyers this weekend, damning reviews be damned. Its first place, $30.5 million opening left other newcomers such as The Legend of Zorro (2nd place, $16.5 million) and Prime (3rd place, $6.5 million) choking on its undoubtedly blood-stained dust. This week's other major new release, the Nicolas Cage-starring The Weather Man, fared even worse, earning just $.3 million and landing in sixth place. That makes it the second Nic Cage movie this season, after Lord of War, to all but bomb in its first week of release. All of this new release activity meant nothing good for holdover releases; last week's number one film, Doom, fell a staggering seven places with just $4.1 million in this frame. The scariest thing about Saw II's victory?  Once Donnie Wahlberg has a hit film, the re-ascendency of the other New Kids can't be far behind. Full top ten after the jump.
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