If any of you were hoping that Oliver Stone's upcoming 9/11 movie would bear any resemblance to your favorite disaster flicks of yore, it looks like you're out of luck. Michael Shamberg, one of the producers on the untitled Paramount feature, insists, "We're not doing the Towering Inferno-Titanic version." The producers held a forum last month at Essex House, to allow survivors and the families of victims to air their concerns over how the controversial director would depict the tragedy. The producers explained that most of the drama of the film will take place far away from the Trade Center, and will focus on "the perspective of the main characters' families, who saw the tragedy unfold on TV while their loved ones were trapped beneath the rubble." Shamberg maintains that Stone doesn't plan to recreate scenes of chaos or destruction – though there may be grisly or unsettling images in the film, all will come from archival footage, seen playing in the background on television sets. In fact, though production began last week in New Jersey and at the Port Authority in Manhattan, Stone is shooting most of the film in Los Angeles in order to minimize controversy and, frankly, save money; only select scenes will be shot in the New York area.

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