Dolph LundgrenUK site Contact Music today dropped the stunning news that the great Dolph Lundgren will be reprising his role as Rocky's commie arch-enemy, Ivan Drago. Sadly, he will not be starring in his own film. Instead, according to unspecified internet rumors, Drago will make an appearance in the widely-dreaded Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky 23). And if that wasn't weird enough, Contact Music insists that the reunion between the fighters will take place not in the ring, but in a hospital ward where Drago is dying of AIDS. Seriously. And Rocky goes to visit him - is this just to show us that he knows the Cold War is over and no longer hates Russians? Do they just need to fill screen time? What the hell is going on with this movie?

Drago and Rocky together again - who'd a thunk it? Oddly, I find myself starting to look forward to this, if only for its train wreck value. Rambo IV, though, I think I can resist.
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