Chris Evans, the man who played The Human Torch in this summer’s Fantastic Four, recently gave some sequel info to Total Film. Evans indicated that filming on a sequel will begin in June, and that the Four may be facing some new baddies this time around. "There'll definitely be new villains," says Evans. "They said something about Mole Man and Puppet Master.” He also suggested that Reed and Sue would marry in the next film (no surprise to anyone), and noted that he personally hopes the sequel will have a lot more action. He says now that the origin is taken care of, he hopes the Four can “get our hands dirty.”

It’s no secret that I’m excited for this film. I love the Fantastic Four comic title and even secretly enjoyed the first film. As a FF fan, I was really hoping for an appearance by the Mole Man and now it looks like I may get my wish. Like Evans, I presumed that a new film could have much more action now that the origin is out of the way, and I join him in strongly hoping that is the case. My geek heart rejoices. So…can a sequel to the Fantastic Four film give fans what they really wanted from the first movie? I hope so. Thoughts?

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