JasonMaybe it's Halloween that's conjuring up these nasty rumors, but apparently the Friday the 13th series may be taking a fatal trip down remake lane. While still in the midst of the great Halloween remake debate, Kane Hodder (one of a few prior Jasons) has told TV Guide that he's all for a remake, if only because he may get some work out of it. "[Restarting] might be in my favor, because they might not feel they were admitting anything if they went back to a "basic Jason" thing. By "basic Jason" thing, Hodder is referring to the fact that he was replaced for the Freddy vs. Jason film and hopes that, if a remake were to happen, the folks behind it would want to revert back to an old school Jason. Um, Kane, you weren't even in the first film, remember? Mommy Jason was the killer. Not you. So, what's to say you'd even be in the remake? Thoughts? Opinions?
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