Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner, along with her LivePlanet buddies Sean Bailey and Chuck Weinstock have sold the erotic thriller pitch Sabbatical to Touchstone Pictures as a vehicle for her to star in. Based off an idea of Weinstock's, the story is said to follow a husband (Affleck?) and wife who, after seven years of marriage, decide to spice things up a little by letting one another take a sabbatical from married life. When the wife (played by Garner) returns to their designated meeting place two weeks later, her husband is nowhere to be found (checked into rehab again?). LivePlanet, best known for their role in the Project Greenlight series, have a three-year motion picture deal with Disney as well as an overall television deal with Touchstone. If the story sounds somewhat familiar that's because Pete Jones (Greenlight's season 1 winner) recently sold a pitch to the Farrellybrothers called Hall Pass. Although clearly a high-concept comedy, pic follows similar themes in which a wife grants her husband a "free pass" to be with another woman. Hmm, bit of a coincidence there, huh?
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