sawii.jpgLion's Gate, the distributor behind unlikely hits such as Crash, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and now, Saw II, has pretty much everyone gobsmacked with admiration. In today's LA Times, Patrick Goldstein explains how they've done it. "Studio ad campaigns are largely predictable because studios, eager to reach everyone, are afraid of alienating anyone," he writes. "Lions Gate operates much more like a hip-hop record label. It wants to reach a core of cool kids who crave something that hasn't already been homogenized for mass tastes." You can't argue with the fact that Lion's Gate seemingly has the ability to make huge hits out of cheap content through flashy, sexy marketing strategies. But are these "cool kids" actually getting anything new and different, or are they just being suckered by an ad campaign? If you saw Saw II this weekend, let us know – did it live up to the promise of the poster?