Uwe BollYou know how Uwe Boll is incapable of making a good movie, and yet somehow always manages to get funding for his next project? And how we've all been wondering how or earth he can still find suckers willing to give him money? Well, it turns out that Uwe is the sucker - you see, German tax law is such that people who see fit to invest in movies receive "a hefty tax write off on funds invested [in] failed films." So basically, Germans with knowledge of obscure tax law have been lining up to invest in Boll's films - I mean, the chances of them being succesful is basically nil, right? Hell, tax consultants have probably been sending their clients to the guy! There's something very Mel Brooks about all of this, isn't there?

Sadly, however, Uwe Boll's days as a human tax write-off are over: in January 2006, the Make Money By Investing In Failed Movies loophole will be closed. So, where is the guy going to get his finding now? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? FREEDOM!
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