• Michael O'Boyle has all the details one could ever want on Mel Gibson's latest, Apocalypto. First of all, the budget? "Not as big as everyone seems to think," says Mel. Well, that answers that. What about the indigenous cast and other locals hanging around the Mexican City set? They apparently "so far are both entranced and wary of Mel's project". As well they should be.
  • Picturehouse has emerged from a bidding war with Robert Altman's Prairie Home Companion in their hot little hands. Bob Berney allegedly paid about $3.5 million for the film, which he says he'll release next spring in a release targeted at "people who don't go to every movie but will come out if they find something – the underserved older audience."
  • Whilst "serious" big releases are failing to attract audiences, award-baiting "indie" films are doing great. Paradise Now made about $12,250 per screen in its debut, whilst Good Night, and Good Luck has so far earned about $7 million in a micro release. Capote and Shopgirl have also continued to perform well. Most of these films are expected to go wide within the month.
  • Steve Conrad, the guy who wrote The Weather Man, will pen a script called Quebec for Dimension Films.  The " comedic study of the price of the American Dream" will be produced and possibly directed by Old School's Todd Phillips. 
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