What do Oscar-winning sex offender Roman Polanski, and Oscar-attending fashion offender Jennifer Lopez, have in common? Both, facing rejection from the U.S., are expected to make appearances at the World Adventure Film Festival next weekend. Held in the remote Amazonian jungle city of Manaus, Brazil, the fest will show "eight international films based on adventure" in competition, as well as a limited roster of documentaries and shorts. Polanski, who famously cannot return to the U.S. for fear of serving jail time on thirty-year-old charges of statutory rape, is, along with actresses Claudia Cardinale and Victoria Abril, welcome to the jungle as an invited guest of the festival. J. Lo, meanwhile, will appear on-screen in the festival's opening night film, An Unfinished Life, a relic from The Great Miramax Shelf Dump of 2005, which famously opened and closed here in about a week. It's unclear whether or not Lopez will attend the festival in bodily form, but if she does trek out to the Amazon, I'm sure she and R. Po will have much to discuss.
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