Ricky GervaisThis much we know: Ricky Gervais and his writing partner Stephen Merchant will be making a movie. We also know that they'll start writing it soon, presumably whenever the schedule of the second season of Extras allows. Beyond that, though, things get a little murky. In an interview with Media Guardian, Gervais gleefully spewed movie cliches while pretending to give details about the movie. To wit: "We want to do something no one else can do. Or improve on something that has been done before." Ah. So that narrows the subject down to...pretty much anything. Be honest here, Ricky - you and Merchant haven't had a single meeting about this yet, have you?

Among the few concrete details Gervais did offer was that he plans to make movies out of both of his Flanimals children's books. That something, at least. The actor will make his Hollywood debut next year in Christopher Guest's For Your Consideration.
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