Executive producer Perry Moore, who works for Walden Media, has told the Daily Mail that a script for Prince Caspian is already complete, and the future of the Narnia sequel depends entirely upon the success of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Gee, thanks Perry, none of us would have been able to draw that amazingly obvious conclusion on our own. Still, while not surprising, the news of a sequel in the works is naturally welcome to Narnia fans. Moore says that they would want a sequel before the kids got too old (a statement which has amusing echoes of Aslan himself, who tells Peter and Susan at the end of the Caspian novel that they are too old to return to Narnia), and that Caspian is a natural choice as it features all four of the Pevensie children. Caspian is also the second book of the seven in the original Narnia book order; although in the reworked modern order it is fourth.

I could spend hours writing about Narnia. There are probably only a few works of fiction I am more familiar with or that I enjoy more. Prince Caspian is as strong and enjoyable a story as Wardrobe, and actually has a darker, edgier feel in many aspects. And for fans hesitant of the religious element of the films Caspian may be more enjoyable than Wardrobe, as the Christian analogies and imagery are less thick and forceful; fans looking for a good fantasy flick without wanting to be confronted with a religious message will likely find Caspian a more satisfying experience. So is the movie-going populous ripe for more than one Narnia film? We will find out soon.

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