Kenneth BranaghKenneth Branagh, a very talented fellow who the UK press loves to hate, is planning to do a film adaptation of Mozart's The Magic Flute. Not apparently intending to use a direct translation of the original libretto, Branagh instead has turned to comedian/actor/author Stephen Fry to write a new one for the film, which will be set during World War I. Despite those changes, however, Branagh seems to want to keep his film true to the spirit of the opera, and to that end will have group of young opera stars (rather than, say, Ryan Phillippe and Cate Blanchett) as his cast, along with music by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

The only adaptation I can think of that sounds remotely similar to this one is Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's Oh... Rosalinda!!, which updated DieFledermaus and gave it a new, English libretto. That effort was a great success, but then it had Michael Redgrave and Anton Walbrook in it, not a group of little-known singers. Branagh plans to begin filming at the start of 2006. I wonder if this will even get a theatrical release in the US?
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