We've known since early May that Cameron Diaz had found her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, a job in the voice cast of Shrek 3 – and we've been waiting for reports of trouble in the recording booth for just as long. Finally, six months of hoping, and wishing, and praying have finally come to fruition: Radar reports that Timberlake is such an earsore that his work on the film is looking to be the sequel's undoing. “The problem is that the plot of the movie basically rides on the back of" Timberlake's character, says a source. When Dreamworks mentioned to Ms. Diaz that they were having trouble casting the part, she offered her boyfriends service. "They were backed into a corner­. They needed her, so to keep her happy, they had to go with Justin," the source continues." But when he came in to record he was just awful...Timberlake is just a liability. He’s just not a voice actor." Apparently, it's escalated to the point where Jeffrey Katzenberg is going around jokingly offering "$10,000 to any employee who could make Justin and Cameron split up."

Are we surprised? Uh, no. After all, we've read the Edison reviews. At the risk of putting Cameron Diaz in league with Sean Penn, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this has Shaghai Surprise Syndrome written all over it.
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