Sam JacksonYou may remember that Sony has pulled its once heavily-hyped All the King's Men from release in time for Oscar nominations, pushing it all the way back to next fall. Rumors are still swirling as to the real reason for the delay, but smart money seems to be in the "it sucks" camp. Now, another high profile Sony release is being delayed: Freedomland will be released in February (instead of January), without the planned week-long run in December that would have made it Oscar-eligible. The official word from Sony is that it was done "to take advantage of Presidents Day weekend," which seems as obvious a lie as All the King's Men's "oh boy does post-production take a long time!" excuse.

So, what happened this time? Anyone got any guesses? Stars Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore are pretty bankable names, as is Richard Price, on whose novel the movie is based. Maybe Sony just wants to limit the movies they need to mercilessly hype as we enter awards season - as it stands, they're down to two: Memoirs of a Geisha and Rent.