Above you will find the first look at Wes Bentley as Blackheart from the upcoming Ghost Rider movie starring Nicolas Cage. Director Mark Steven Johnson discussed his take on the Blackheart character, saying the he (Johnson) did a lot of research into demonology to help him craft the role. He read about fallen angels, and how some did not follow Lucifer into Hell, but rather landed on earth in various forms. Johnson says Blackheart is tired of waiting for the end days, so he decides to “give my dad the finger and do it myself.” Blackheart begins collecting demons, and Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) has to find them and bring them back.

I like the Ghost Rider comic title. I think the character of Johnny Blaze is a lot of fun and has a slightly different feel than most of the Marvel heroes. Do I think Nicolas Cage can pull it off? Er…no.  Not really. I’m sorry Nic, but I just don’t think you’ve got the panache. However, I will be very happy if you prove me wrong. As for the image of Blackheart, I suppose it looks cool enough, although a bit too generic-thuggish for now. We'll have to wait on later images  to get a better idea of the character's style. Thoughts?

[via Comic Book Movie]

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