Depending on how strictly we're defining "war movie", Morocco may or may not count. The very young Gary Cooper's Foreign Legionaire certainly doesn't see much action – from the service, or from Marlene Dietrich. But it's at least as much of a war film as Casablanca, and, in fact, the two films are definitely some type of cousin, although each has its own very different conception of romance. Cooper's Tom Brown and Dietrich's Amy Jolly (a self-proclaimed member of the "foreign legion of women") spend most of the film running away from one another – until Amy takes that final leap, to risk almost certain death to follow Tom into the fierce North African desert. Morocco was Josef von Sternberg's third sound film, as well and his second pairing with Mrs. Maria Magdelena Dietrich; it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this film afforded him some of the greatest opportunities he'd ever have to manipulate both. This site has got some incredible images from the film at a frustratingly low res; I've pasted some below the jump, but if you have the means to see Morocco on the big screen, you really must.
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