• leoandgisele.jpgLeonardo diCaprio has been dating Brazillian supermodel Gisele Bundchen forever. But word on the street is, the toothsome twosome (that's one for the Army Archerd Hall of Fame, is it not?) is totally over. Page Six is pointing to a "third party" to be revealed soon.
  • Carmen Electra totally wants to do it with Scarlett Johansson. Actually, what she said was that she thinks the younger star is both "hot" and "appreciated by girls like me." But before you hold your breath for evidence of Carmen and Scarlett's, uh, mutual appreciation, you should know that The Superficial believes this to mean approximately nothing. "If a woman (say, I don't know, Carmen Electra) says that Scarlett Johansson is hot and has a great body, it means about as much as saying she likes ponies or rainbows or rainbow-colored ponies or pony rainbows. If a man (say, I don't know, me) says that Scarlett Johansson is hot and has a great body...it means I've set aside a special pair of latex underwear so that I'll be ready when (when, not if) I finally get her in the sack."
  • Michelle Williams totally just had Heath Ledger's baby, and he totally made her name it after a Roald Dahl character.
  • Christian Slater totally fell off of Paris Hilton's roof. And no, that's not some kind of new slang for sex, although it probably should be.
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