munich.jpgAccording to the Los Angeles Times' just-launched awards season blog, Steven Spielberg is struggling to finish Munich in time to make the cutoff for critic's awards and Golden Globes consideration. The film, which is scheduled for release Christmas weekend, only just wrapped and, as Spielberg's spokesman Martin Levy admits, it's currently trapped in the middle of "a very intense post-production period." Levy excuses/explains the dilemma on the simple fact of time. "There aren't many movies like this, which start shooting around July 1 and plan to be in theaters on Dec. 23. But it will get done!" Still, deadlines for early-season awards, such as those handed out by the National Board of Review, start coming up as soon as December 3rd; as John Williams hasn't completed "a single note" of the score, don't you think the Spielberg camp has cause for concern?