If you’re interested in the animated films that Marvel is rolling out on DVD, you’ll be pleased to know that some early images of Marvel’s Ultimate Avengers flick have hit the web: character designs of Nick Fury and Black Widow are now here for your enjoyment. Steven Gordon, who designed many characters for the X-Men: Evolution animated series, adapted the designs of comics artist Bryan Hitch for animation. Gordon is also co-directing the film with Curt Geda. You can check out the designs at Comic Book Movie.

The Ultimate Marvel titles are fun, from what I’ve read of them. I tend to stay with the original Marvel titles simply because there are a lot of comics out there to read, and I’m already committed to the original storylines. However, I have taken the occasional opportunity to read some Ultimate books when I find the time, and I do enjoy them on that level. As for the direct-to-DVD movies based on them … I’m frankly not all that excited. I’m sure they will be fun and entertaining, but I doubt that I’ll go out of my way to find them. Ultimate fans, is this something to be excited about?
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