• rodriguez.jpgCinemaTech's Scott Kirsner notes three signs that the Weinstein boys might not be totally clueless when it comes to running their own company: 1) They got some of their money from Mark Cuban; 2) They're not keeping all of it for themselves; and 3) They're pouring some of it into Robert Rodriguez' garage.
  • "Like many of Godard's films, one of the concerns of A Woman is a Woman is communication, including the difficulties of language in general and romantic communication in particular." Theresa Duncan quotes Dual Lens on Jean-Luc's almost-musical semi-masterpiece - and then borrows the occasion to shill her own film. Nice.
  • Reverse Shot on Where the Truth Lies: "So, I saw the Egoyan - Yeah, not so great. But I love it."
  • I skipped Halloween this year because I wasn't invited to the World of Wonder party. Okay, really, I skipped Halloween because I'm a total cardigan-wearing, solataire-playing, chicken-soup-slurping old maid. But judging from the pictures, it sure does look like it was fun.
  • The Reeler reminds me that I have cause, tomorrow night, to go to The Museum of Sex. Better dig out the "hip" cardigan. And the thermos.
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