50cent.jpgRemember those reports from last spring about how 50 Cent allegedly handed out $12,000 to kids on the streets of New York? Apparently, he did it against the wishes of Jim Sheridan, who was directing Mr. Cent in his movie debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin', at the time. "When we were shooting in New York, 2,000 kids showed up on the set. They were going crazy, grabbing the barricades and shouting at me," 50 says. Sheridan, a three-time Oscar nominee, apparently attempted to keep his young, bullet-infused star focused on the scene at hand, but had little success. "I felt bad for them. So when we finished the shot, I threw money into the crowd and the kids went nuts. I wasn't anticipating how crazy they'd go," says Curtis "50" Jackson. "Jim came over, and he was screaming at me, 'Those kids ... could have ripped each other apart." When asked about the incident, Sheridan snarled, "He thinks he's the Robin Hood of the neighborhood."