Fangoria is reporting that Serenity star Adam Baldwin will star in Thirst, a new vampire movie from director Jeremy Kasten. Alongside Baldwin will be other Whedon alumni Clare Kramer, Tom Lenk, and Serena Scott Thomas (from TV’s Buffy). Further casting info can be viewed at Movie Hole. Producer Mark A. Altman says that it’s a unique look at a vampire film, and that’s what makes him excited about it. The story focuses around a girl with a terminal illness who contemplates vampirism as a means of avoiding death (well, sort of avoiding death. You know how that whole vampire deal works). He describes their approach to the film as a “ragged documentary style,” dark, edgy and very, very gory and “sick.”

Oh boy, another vampire film. I can’t quite figure out how this film is much different from most other vampire film, as Altman claims it to be. Vampire meets girl, vampire wants girl, blood. Repeat step three as often as inhumanly possible.  Don’t get me wrong, not every vamp film meets that standard; there are several notable and enjoyable exceptions. Maybe we’ll get lucky and this one will be worthwhile. Thoughts based on this early info?

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