Wow! Our first-ever Cinematical Halloween Costume Contest was such a smashing successs, we can't decide on a winner! So here's what we've decided to do: we've narrowed down the field of competitors down to five finalists. The pictures of the finalists are below the fold. You have until 11:59PM Thursday, November 3 to leave your vote in the comments. ONE -- that's ONE and only one -- vote per person. Spam votes/multiple votes from the same email address or IP will be tossed in the virtual circular file. Emailing all your friends and relatives to get them to vote for you = legal; using those 989 gmail invites to create fake addresses and vote for yourself repeatedly = NOT legal, and, well, lame to boot. So don't do it.

The costume entrant who receives the most (legit) votes will win our fabulous prize: The Val Lewton Horror Collection on DVD, not to mention bragging rights with friends and coworkers and highly coveted status as Cinematical Costume Contest Winner for 2005. Go look at our Fab Five Finalists, and get those votes in!