Superman IIApparently everyone who's anyone knows that Richard Donner "more or less" saw the first two Superman movies as a single unit, and that he was more than two-thirds of the way done with part two when he was fired ("creative differences," don't you know). Warner Brothers brought in Richard Lester to complete/fix/destroy the movie, and the resulting film, according to a very grumpy man at The Guardian, is "an uneven, campy mess." Me, I love Superman II entirely because it is an uneven, campy mess. It's by far my favorite of the series, but I suppose even a hater like myself is curious as to what Donner would have come up with, had he been given the chance to finished what he started. Now, miracle of miracles, Warner's has reportedly given Donner the permission he needed to create a "director's cut" from his old footage. DVD, here it comes!

So, first Paul Schrader's Dominioncomes out, and now this - it's almost as if studio heads have grown a collective soul. Creepy.
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