A production timeline for the highly anticipated gamer flick Halo has been revealed. According the IGN, the news was included in a press release from Sony promoting a charity auction featuring a Peter Jackson signed copy of video game Halo 2. Although no director has been officially announced, filming is slated to begin in May, with plans for a  mid-2007 release date. Meanwhile, For further tidbits, Bungie’s Joe Staten has posted "The Great Hollywood Journey, Part III," his account of a recent trip to New Zealand to meet with producer Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh.

I like Halo, although admittedly probably not as much as most gamers out there. While the game play may be exceptional, I don’t find the story to be any more or less compelling than your average video game plot- some soldiers are in space fighting some aliens. I certainly hope that the movie turns into a fantastic flick, and I look forward to seeing it; but I have no amazing hopes pinned on it, and I won’t be all that disappointed if it fails. What are your thoughts on the potential of this film?

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