Harold RamisHarold Ramis is one of those rare writer/directors who seems to be able to make quality films very quietly, without becoming a Big Hollywood Name, or ending up obsessed with his own image. Despite occasional stumbles (hello, Stuart Saves His Family), he's put together a diverse, sneakily strong resume and is obviously respected in the industry. Not a lot of people can make goofy movies with serious ideas, and that's sort of become his specialty. In an extensive interview with InFocus, Ramis comes across as just as intelligent, collected, and clever as you'd expect - he's so pulled together that it's almost annoying, and yet you totally want to hang out with him.

The myriad topics topics touched on in the lengthy interview range from The Ice Harvest ("a style piece") to the humor in Goodfellas; from "existential psychology and its relationship to Buddhism," to the sadly never-made Ghostbusters go to Hell ("Heaven was across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey"). Hmm. Maybe we should start a Ghostbusters Go to Hell fund?

[via Movie City Indie]
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