There is a movie in production about killer mutant eels taking over a small town in the Florida everglades- and I swear to you, it’s called “Ssslither.” Singer Kathleen LaGue (should I be aware of this person?), star of the epic film masterpiece “American Pie: Band Camp,” told MovieHole that Ssslither would be her next feature, and she apparently believes it’s based on a true story of exotic eels somewhere in Asia that can survive on land, or something. I don’t you about you, but the jump from eels that can survive on land (which some people might call “snakes,” in the world that I live in) to killer mutant eels is one that my mind would naturally make.

The quote that really sold me on this film was “My character fights many battles with her 9 millimeter, a harpoon gun, and her sharp tongue, challenging the overzealous ex marine, Lott, who is constantly arguing with her.” Doesn’t that just scream box office gold to you? The movie will be filled with plenty of action and gore- but if you’re the kind of person that enjoys lighter films, don’t worry! Kathleen says there's a great romantic subplot and some great crazy comedic characters as well!

(p.s. Science people, please don't bother telling me about how those exotic eels really do exist, and just how they are different from snakes. Don't care.)

[via MovieHole]

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