• jackass.jpgParamount studio chief Gail Berman announced yesterday that she's greenlit a sequel to Jackass: The Sequel. The first film grossed about 12 times what it cost to produce; Berman's hoping to get the second one out by Christmas 2006. It's all part of Paramount's new strategy: "Comedy, comedy, comedy, comedy," Berman said yesterday. "I love comedies." No word on whether or not Luke Duke will be involved.
  • Funny how a $30 million opening clouds heads. Dimension has snatched Saw II director Darren Lynn Bousman away from Lion's Gate, for a two-picture deal that will include his next film. "This is the most surreal thing, to have a hit movie and be courted by the Weinsteins," Bousman said.
  • Despite near-record returns from its motion picture division, Warner Brothers Entertainment fired 400 employees yesterday, including Warner Independent Pictures president Michael Andreen, and WIP executive vice president of foreign affairs Andrew Kramer. The layoffs have been referred to in the trade as a "belt-tightening" measure, and if there's any truth to that, one can only assume that Andreen and Kramer - two of the top five execs running the indie arm – will not immediately be replaced.
  • If you needed a reason *not* to fly to Santa Monica today to hit the American Film Market, here's a few: "North American buyers say they aren't expecting much from the new pics unspooling at AFM this year, but the mart will still yield valuable schmoozing. ... 'It's all about meetings'."
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