CS LewisNew York's Trinity Church-St. Paul's Chapel is really, really excited about the release of  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. To celebrate, they're throwing a little event called Narnia: A Multimedia Festival, which is a month-long series of lectures, workshops, and online broadcasts that explore both the Narnia series and author C. S. Lewis. In addition to free on-site lectures and a sneak preview screening of a new Lewis documentary, the church is offering an unnamed e-course, participants in which will receive "daily meditations and brief quotes from Lewis, with weekly essays...touching on the themes of the course." (Which, presumably, will be worked out before it starts on Monday.)

For the curious/Lewis devotees/Narnia fans, many of the month's events will be available online, either streaming or for download. That way, we can all be in a full Narnia frenzy by the time that December release date rolls around.
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