Latino Review has a feature on screenwriter Stuart Beattie's script for the upcoming videogame movie Splinter Cell. They share a long and involved script review for your reading pleasure; but since this is the internet, and here in internet-land many of us like our news in short highlighted bursts that we can deal with in two minutes, I’m here to give you the abbreviated version. You can follow the link if you want the whole scoop.

Short version. Script is hot, with lots of wacky stealth-spy adventures in many foreign lands. It flows just like the videogame, with Sam Fisher traveling from place to place, picking up clues and being all super-spy while doing it. If you like the videogame, you will like this script.

“Hooray,” I hear you fans thinking. “Finally, a video game movie that might be worth while, even if the protagonist throws like a girl.” (Okay, so maybe it’s only me that tends to think of Sam Fisher as “Sissy Cell.”) Don’t get your hopes up too high yet, my geeky friends, because apparently the script is going to experience some form of redrafting by Daniel Pyne. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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