Pee Wee HermanIn a recent Q&A in Hollywood, Paul Reubens confirmed that he really does have two new Pee-Wee Herman screenplays ready to go. The first is described as being about Pee-Wee rescuing the kidnapped "King of Cartoons" and, not surprisingly, would be close in tone and execution to the incredibly awesome TV show of days gone by. According to Reubens, this one actually has a producer attached to it and everything, though he didn't name any names. The second script is very much not for kids, and has long been presumed to be "a veiled satire on what happened in Reubens' own career." In Reubens' description, Pee-Wee gets out of prison (Try not to spend too much time thinking about Pee-Wee in prison – trust me, it's disturbing) and, quite logically, "joins the lumberjack community." He then cuts a hit single, but rewards the passion of his fans by heartlessly turning on them.

Really, as long as Pee-Wee is wearing his grey suit and little bow tie, he can do anything he wants and people will love him. That said, though, that whole pop star/lumberjack things sounds almost too campy to exist.

[via M&C]
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