At a New York concert about a year ago, the Beastie Boys gave 50 fans Hi8 cameras (and when I say "gave," I mean "traded them cameras for their licenses." Remarkably, they got them all back – what nice, law-abiding fans) to record the show however they wanted. Now that footage has been made into a movie by one Nathaniel Hornblower, AKA Adam Yauch, aka MCA. The worldwide distribution rights to the movie, which has the poster friendly title Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That, have just been picked up by ThinkFilm, which hopes to have it in theaters next spring, supported by multiple festival screenings in early 2006.

A tantalizing bonus for Beasties fans is that Yauch has big plans for the DVD release, currently slated for next summer. His hope is that the disc will include special features that allow viewers to choose viewing angles and audio tracks, similar to those available on Criterion's kickass DVD of their videos.
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