tomcruise.jpgPoor Tom Cruise. He's tried ever so hard to win the Academy's love, but over and over again, his Oscar-bait roles go unrecognized (and if you can play a politically conscious cripple and not pick up a trophy, something is seriously wrong). For now, Cruise will just have to settle for the Diamond Meritorious Award, which he picked up yesterday "at a Scientology gala at the cult's UK headquarters in East Grinstead, Sussex." What makes Tom so "meritorious", you ask? Apparently, he's donated £2 million to the Church of Scientology, more than any other person ... EVER. No, seriously. Tom and his pregnant girlfriend Katie Holmes were given a standing ovation at the ceremony yesterday, which was also attended by John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston . All in all, stunning proof that whilst you can buy your way into alien heaven, AMPAS' ethics apparently remain firm.
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