BambiIt's certainly nothing new to find terrifying elements in entertainment aimed at kids - Bambi's mom was heartlessly murdered way back in 1942, and some seriously bad stuff happened to Wiley E. Coyote on a regular basis. But concerns are mounting as animation becomes more sophisticated, resulting in more life-like depictions of action and danger. Though it's rated G, for example, are "the octopus-armed alien robots in Chicken Little, who shred a cornfield and use their laser-gaze to zap away the town’s animal citizens" really appropriate for six year-olds? What about the shark trio in Finding Nemo?

Honestly, who the hell knows. But it's probably a fact that kids, just like the rest of us, have been desensitized by our culture. They watch flashy, fast-moving cartoons on TV, see movie posters full of boobs and violence, and hear God knows what from their friends and neighbors every day. So, is it any wonder that movie studios are having to push things ever-farther to get and maintain the attention of children?

Really, it's harder than ever today to draw a firm line between G and PG - I'm just glad I'm not a parent trying to sort it out.
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