Mrs. DoubtfireAlthough it's been known for awhile that Robin Williams will be returning as the popular dad-in-drag for a Mrs. Doubtfire 2 sometime next year, word has leaked out from the hairy monster himself that there may in fact be a Doubtfire 3 as well. Speaking to Sky News, Williams not only confirmed his role in the sequel, but added, "There are plenty more adventures left for her, and the script could easily run to film 3 too. Fans will love it." A Mrs. Doubtfire trilogy? Say it ain't so Jack, er, Robin. While it would be stupid not to milk this puppy a whole lot more ($441 million worldwide for the first one), I'm just surprised these new installments haven't come along sooner. So far Williams is the only one attached, however Bonnie Hunt is writing the script. That means, I wouldn't be the least shocked if she showed up on screen at some point. I probably shouldn't vent here, but am I the only person who finds Bonnie Hunt just the least bit annoying? Now, I never watched Life with Bonnie, so I'm not as keen to her writing skills as say...the other three people who watched the show, but there's something about her that just irritates me. Eh, maybe it's me. Or maybe it's you. Or maybe it's Robin Williams. Yeah, let's go with the Robster - it's all your fault hairy!
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