The title says it all. Upcoming horror flick Wolf Creek tells the story of three young backpackers who go to visit a meteor crater in WolfCreekNational Park. Their car dies on them, leaving them stranded in the dark until a “friendly” truck driver stops to offer them a ride/tow. Who would ever guess that the truck driver would turn out to be not, in fact, friendly, but rather a twisted lunatic? Not me! Anyway, the site is launched, and you can check out a trailer there.

My college life happened at Grove CityCollege, a fine academic institute in northwestern PA. Between upper and lower campus, a tiny little creek ambled along. It was a small deal, and it’s biggest claim to excitementHiHhsdfasfare the occasional angry geese that occupy it’s banks and the newly engaged coeds that get thrown in from time to time. The name of that creek? You guessed it- WolfCreek. So in my mind, this new horror thriller focuses around angry geese and engaged college students. I bet that would make a better film, anyway.

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