Chicken LittleThe day started with rampant rumors that Chicken Little director Mark Dindal had left Disney, allegedly because studio execs are already trying to position themselves where they'll be safe from the fallout when the movie tanks (which apparently everyone now thinks it's going to do). By the afternoon, though, some websites had yanked the "Dindal quits" posts, while others were reporting that his departure had been for Europe to promote the movie, not for home in a huff. There is still no official word, however, on Dindal's status with Disney.

Whether the director is still on company payroll or not, however, things are looking very grim for Chicken Little. So far, the three most likely targets for blame are reportedly Michael Eisner, who was responsible for multiple changes to the original script, Thomas Schumacher, who greenlit the movie in 2001, and the entire Disney marketing department. While it's undeniably fun to imagine all of Disney frantically running around the offices shrieking and pointing fingers, it's a bummer to hear that the movie probably isn'tvery good - that Kirk Gibson clip totally had me won me over.