Ben Stiller is a monkeyAccording to a Montreal newspaper (for those of you who read French, the original article is here), Ben Stiller has told producers of Night at the Museum that he won't star in their movie unless they move the production from Montreal to Vancouver. Why, you ask? Well, Ben just doesn't like Montreal. Ah. You know, I tried to get the Cardinals to move with me from St. Louis to New York, but they weren't havin' it. I said "Hey, I'm a season ticket holder, bitches!" Still, they refused. Yet the very same approach apparently works for Ben - or at least he thinks it will.

Stiller's spokesperson, of course, denies everything. Meanwhile, Fox, the studio behind Night at the Museum, is denying that Stiller has any say at all about where the movie will be shot - though, they add, that's because he hasn't signed a contract. Does that mean, once/if he does, he'll be able to order the move? Honestly, is Ben Stiller really that good of an actor? Or THAT funny? Call me crazy, but I'm thinking no. Just hire someone else already.
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