Colin FarrellColin Farrell can't get enough of those period pieces - hot on the heels of his starring role in Alexander, he's signed on to play Cesare Borgia in Neil Jordan's unnamed movie about the family that "turned the Vatican into a den of crime." Sweet. Scarlett Johansson will reportedly play his insanely outrageous sister, Lucrezia. Granted, when your dad is Pope, pretty much anything questionable that you get up to is in the spotlight, but these kids really did dad proud. Sadly, production won't even begin until May - we won't see this one for ages.

Meanwhile, Matt LeBlanc has finally realized that maybe it was his lack of acting talent rather than the monkey co-star that killed his movie career before it started. In an effort to test that quite reasonable hypothesis, LeBlanc will turn producer. His first effort will be The Watch, a sci-fi horror flick "about a team of elite soldiers sent to blow up a German fuel depot who become the target of an evil spirit unleashed by Nazi occult experiments." Whoa. I can't decide if I should assume it's going to be totally awesome or a complete disaster - and the presence of Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva behind the camera isn't clearing anything up for me. The movie is currently casting; so far there's no suggestion that LeBlanc will play a role.
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