David Cronenberg is pitching in to help with a traveling exhibit of Andy Warhol's works titled Andy Warhol/Supernova: Stars, Deaths and Disasters 1962-1964. The exhibit is being organized by the Walker Art Center right here in Minneapolis and will also travel to Chicago and Toronto. Cronenberg, who really has no association with Warhol other than being an admirer, was chosen to integrate Warhol's experimental films with his artwork. While the two may never have collaborated in any way, having Cronenberg take on curator duties makes a kind of cosmic sense, as both men sought to move beyond the boundaries of their chosen fields. It was Warhol who defined Videodrome as "the Clockwork Orange of the 80s" after all. Also, both men have dabbled in the art of short films, even if Warhol's are based more on the idea of excruciating boredom as an artform.

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