A week or so ago we mentioned rumblings of New Line losing/giving up their rights to an Iron Man picture, and the news is now official. Marvel has regained the rights to Iron Man, and is now reportedly looking into producing the film itself, possibly as part of the slate deal it has recently acquired with Paramount.  If they go that route, though, they will need to raise additional money for it, as it was not listed in the original Paramount deal. Marvel will now start from scratch, ditching all previous drafts of the film and is “looking for the right talent” to bring a good Iron Man movie to the table.

I for one really hope that this film eventually gets some traction, and now that it is back at Marvel I think it’s got a pretty good shot.  I’m a big Tony Stark fan myself, so I’ve had high hopes for this movie ever since New Line optioned it, and was really disappointed with each failure in their efforts to make it happen. Now let’s just hope that Marvel is capable of finding that “right” talent. Suggestions for Marvel?

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