gilliam.jpgEarlier this week, at a screening of The Brothers Grimm (he's still beating away at that poor thing? Hasn't he given up and moved on to Tideland yet?), Terrry Gilliam hinted that he may yet return to The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, the accursed project documented in the documentary, Lost in La Mancha. "We’re getting closer to getting the script to Don Quixote back," the director said. "There was kind of a legal situation where the insurance company and French production company put up a lot of money, but it looks as though things are loosening up.” If Gilliam has temporarily lost control of his content, he hasn't lost his potential star. "“Johnny [Depp]’s still there, we caught him in Toronto - he said publicly [he would do it] again so we’re good."

Still, one would be advised against letting their hopes rise; as Dan Jolin points out in Empire, "Gilliam’s career is littered with fantastic-sounding nearly-mades: A Tale Of Two Cities, The Defective Detective, Watchmen…" It seems true that, to be a Gilliam fan, one must get used to a certain amount of disappointment. I'm not the best person to answer this question – I've never felt anything more than neutral about Gilliam's work to begin with – but I feel as though it needs to be asked nonetheless: does Terry Gilliam matter anymore? He took so long off after Fear and Loathing, and The Brothers Grimm was ridculously disappointing. Gilliam devotees, speak up: have you yet lost your faith?
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